An easier, more accurate alternative for Jugline Catfisherman.

Mudcat Flagging


   ...weren't really enjoying it too much. the bottles would damage at the drop of a hat, not the mention the unpredictable sand inside that would flag the jug if touched by even a faint breeze. Well I got a sort of frown on my face and, upon further inspection, realized that it         was the same frown that my grandfather had for the past two weeks. This wasn't working, and we both Knew it. Well my grandfather     started hanging out it his workshop a lot and, about 4 days later, I see him with a smile on his face and holding an object. This object  had string secured on it and something sliding back and forth inside it. As soon as I noticed hooks on the string, I knew what it was. So we tested them out on a run and were very pleased with the way they worked. Hence, Mudcats Flagging Jugline was brought into existence.

       From then on we have caught more fish than we ever thought possible. I loved it, my grandfather loved it, and we still do to this day. So being a man who, not only loves to catch fish but loves to see others catch them too, In 2001 decided to start making them for others and selling them. 

            If you are a person who would like to catch cooler upon cooler full of fish, a person who would like to reach their legal daily limit of fish on your first run of the day, and if you're a person who like a simple and efficient fishing tool, then my grandfather (Mudcat) quite possibly has exactly what you need. So give us a call, visit our "Contact Us" page, or simply order via the links above. We hope to see you on the water putting out a set of Mudcat Flagging Juglines. Good luck and happy fishing.


                       ~Patrick W. Harper A.K.A Mud Liger~

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Mudcat Flagging Jugs, ready to fish.   Completely made Including line and hooks


Back in the mid 90's when I was  seven or eight years old, already          fishing of course, my grandfather          and I would fish as often as he was able get me to wake up that early.   We'd head out from the house and, before the sun was even up,               already have our boat in the               water. We'd zoom with hopeful hearts across the slick lake surface,         cutting through the dense morning fog as we went, Towing the standard       Juglining equipment of the time (2-liter bottles with line tied under the lid, and sand as our balance             weight) with us. Needless to say we...

Mudcat Flagging Jugs, jug only. No line or hooks (for people who like to use their own methods)