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Mudcat Flagging


Mudcat Flagging Jugs, ready to fish.   Completely made Including line and hooks

Back in the mid 90's when I was  seven or eight years old, already          fishing of course, my grandfather Mudcat

         and I would fish as often as he was able get me to wake up that early.   We'd head out from the house and, before the sun was even up,               already have our boat in the               water. We'd zoom with hopeful hearts across the slick lake surface,         cutting through the dense morning fog as we went, rightfully confident we'd come home with a couple coolers full of fresh caught catfish and, thanks to Mudcats Flagging Juglines, we nearly always did.



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An easier, more accurate alternative for Jugline Catfisherman.

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Mudcat Flagging Jugs, jug only. No line or hooks (for people who like to use their own methods)