To  order 15 jugs only


sold in sets of 10 for $80 +shipping

5/0 circle hooks on 25 ft. of line .  drops are loops tied in the main line with swivel

sold in sets of 10 =  $50 + shipping  

Mudcat  flagging jugs

jug  only

no line  ,no hooks

use your prefered line andhooks.​.

Mudcat flagging juglines

Just drop the anchor you put on  over the side  unroll the line to first hook and bait,  after all hooks are baited shake the weight ,in the jug to the top and lay flat in the water.  If the jug flags right away it is not on the bottom.  let out line until it is "slack" then tie a half hitch over the end of the jug where the line is tied on.  any questions call me  713-824-6534

  Good luck and happy fishing.

to order 1 set of 10 jugs.