I am changing to a 4 inch foam and a larger stem. The 3 inch is not big enough to see. The cost is going up and they will be better. Will be easy for the boaters to see. Come back later this month and see what has happened

​Instructions: How to use Mudcat Flagging Juglines,

Before you go out be sure you have a life jacket on.   Start  by  using the fish finder to locate where the fish are at that moment, drop an anchor on the line, and bait all hooks over derectly to the side of you. Make sure your line doesnt get tangled. That is easier to do than it sounds, don't worry. Basically if you place the anchor in front and line up the hooks next to each other and in order beside you, you'll be fine.  You can have up to 5 hooks on one jugline.  You can have up to 100 hooks per person that has a fishing license. After the hooks are baited ,pull a little slack in the line and  tie half hitch over the end of the pvc part of the jug. Now toss that anchor into the water. The baited hooks will enter the water in order of how far up the line they are (this is why its important your line doesnt get tangled during the baiting process) Shake the trigger (small weight inside the jug) to the top of the jug and lay it on its side.  If the jug flags immediately after laying it in the water, you don't have it on the bottom. Let out line until it is "slack" (you'll know when it's slack when you don't feel the weight pulling so hard against your hand. Then tie a half hitch over the end of the jug where the line is tied on.

      Whenever you see one of your jugs flagging check to see if you need to take the fish or rebait.  If the waves are to high or boat traffic is to much, the jugs will flag without a fish on,  You probably shouldn't be out there. Any questions call me  713-824-6534


​Last time  Iwent out  my line got in prop , it was in gear and jerked the hook into my finger, lucky I got loose just as the motor died.

                Good luck, and happy fishing!